Thursday, 6 November 2014

Leonie Dawson's Workbooks for 2015 have been released!!!!

Every year around this time, Leonie Dawson releases her workbooks for the following year. And every year I'm excited like a little child at Christmas!

I've already printed the entire workbook and punched it with my ARC-punch to fit into my Erin Condren Notebook. But before ARC, I simply printed the pages on A5-pages and punched them for my A5-Filofax.

It's not a planner, but it's perfect to be used alongside your planner. You'll think about what you want for your life, what goals you want to achieve during the next year or about the changes you feel are due in your life. This time, Leonie Dawson added a large (printable) year calendar, so you'll never forget where you are.

Personally, I divided my goals into little steps, which I implemented in my daily planner. That way, I'm able to stay focussed throughout the year, and never take my eyes from my goals.

Did you know?
If you find the printing of the ebooks too much hassle, you have two alternatives:

  1. Use the ebook digitally, on your computer, laptop or tablet. The PDFs are interactive and you can write in them digitally.
  2. Buy the new spiralbound version (will be released later this month). 
All the options - and more background info - can be found at this link!

Have fun!