Friday, 29 November 2013

The new 2014 workbooks and planners are here!!

After much anticipation they are finally here: The new 2014 create your amazing year from Leonie Dawson! Just like last year she has a biz and life edition. 
The layout and contents have been redesigned somewhat this time.
Absolutely love it and it will be the 3rd time of me using them.
I think they are a great tool to keep you focused and on track with the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. 
This past year I have been very consistent with my monthly review and it absolutely showed!

Get your copy here!

By the way of thank you you will receive my free e-book "30 questions you need to ask yourself". This ebook will guide you through the next 30 days by asking you a question per day. by answering these questions, you will gain valuable insights in your life and it will help you to determine your goals for 2014. 

Have a wonderful weekend,
And next year!

Friday, 22 November 2013

And the winner is ......

First of all, thank you all so much for entering this contest. It has been the first Giveaway I hosted, and I had a lot of fun. There might be more in the future .... ;-)

Of course, now you all want to find out who won the infamous red 27 Dresses Filofax (as this model will henceforth be called).

So hop over to YouTube (as in: "click the link below") and witness the live picking of the winner!!!!

Thank you all!