Thursday, 26 September 2013

Oh Gillio ....!

A few weeks back, I became curious what this whole Gillio-enthusiasm was all about. So I decided to take a closer look by becoming a member of the closed Facebook group “Gillio Firenze”. I’m tempted to add “the rest is history”.

What happened was that one of the group members decided to sell her medium sized red croco Gillio and I jumped onto it. This was within a few hours of my membership! I was very very lucky that Brittney agreed to ship the binder internationally.

After a few days of impatient waiting (the Gillio being hijacked by customs didn’t help either), she finally arrived. I was in awe of the craftsmanship and beauty of this binder! 

The layout is simply perfect, especially when you use your planner also as a wallet like I do (a short demonstrating video is available here: Blue Gillio as wallet/planner combo).

On the left is a large zipped pocket, with a smaller pocket  (where I keep my paper money) and one credit card slot (I’m not using that one at the moment). Behind this is a secretarial pocket. On the right hand side of the planner are five stitched card slots, with another roomy secretarial pocket. And the penloop (which is big enough to accommodate a Lamy fountain pen: YAY!).The Gillio is delivered with a silver ball pen, that also writes beautifully (and that takes Parker Gel Pen refills!).

The best feature however is the full width back pocket, which allows you to store A5 sheets in a very comfortable manner. The binder still closes easily.

The planner is unbelievably soft and flexible! Look:

I find the Gillio very beautiful and very well made. If you encounter a little scratch in the leather (which is bound to happen when you throw it in your bag like I do), you can simply rub it out. Perfect!

I’m not using the original Gillio inserts, because I’m quite content with my own setup. My only gripe is that the Gillio Compagna won’t take Franklin Covey Compact inserts: they hang out and need trimming. Apparantly this is not a problem with the Gillio  Amica line, which is a bit wider, but lacks that gorgeous full width wallet pocket. A girl’s gotta choose ….

Gillio Compagna with untrimmed FC pages ....

So I trimmed my FC inserts. Not knowing if I would want to trim the entire next calendar year, I experimented with Dayrunner 2PPD inserts (same size as Filofax), that Mella so generously forwarded to me. However: the paper quality is inferior to Franklin Covey. Fountain pen causes bleedthrough. Another downside is that the appointment schedule goes from 8 a.m. to only 5 p.m. Hello?! With four kids who attend clubs in the afternoon/at night, and a hubbie who works many nights, this turned out to be a big disappointment.
Which is why I have just ordered Franklink Covey inserts for 2014. So, trimming it is …

Trimmed FC 2PPD inserts
To cut the story short: I'm absolutely in love with Gillio! So much, that I meanwhile own three different Gillio's: the red croco (featured here), the blue croco and the gold Epoca. 

And dare I say it? 
I sold 23 Filofaxes over the past weeks without a single regret!

If you visit my YouTube channel, you can find another video on my red croco!


  1. Thanks Laurie! (sweet of you to stop by!)

  2. fantastic post!! loved the "and the rest was history" true :)

    1. Well, too many have made the same experience after me: joining the fb group, and buying a Gillio within a day or shorter. All nasty enablers .... LOL

  3. Yikes, I need to stay away from all of you enablers! I think the Gillio is the only thing that could get me to leave my Malden... thankfully the green epoca is out of stock!

    1. Of course new stock will arrive on the 18th October. Which - by a weird coincidence - is also my birthday ....

  4. The red one is stunning, absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Aren't Gillio's just beautiful? I bought my Gold Epoca Compagna back in June and haven't even glanced at any of my Filofax binders since. She sits on my desk at work all day and I love that I can smell the leather while I'm working!

  6. Great review!!!
    I'm still waiting for mine... sigh!
    How about signs of use - scratches, marks... - on the croco leather?

  7. Are you interested in selling the Gillio inserts? I'm looking for a complete 2014 Gillio insert with all the planning pages, map, to do sheets, etc. my email is I'm in the US so not sure if you are willing to sell and ship them to the US?

    Lovely binders!

  8. I just ordered my first Gillio. I could not wait any longer for the copangna so I ordered the Amica in orange. I can't wait to get my hands on my Amica!

  9. I just ordered my first Gillio. I could not wait any longer for the copangna so I ordered the Amica in orange. I can't wait to get my hands on my Amica!

  10. So pretty. How long did it take you to trim the FC pages?