Monday, 6 May 2013

While I was away from my blog ...

.... I did other stuff!

Like, make some video's on YouTube (all planner-related). In case you missed one or two or even all (!!!) of them, here is a short overview:

Setup of my Filofax Malden

(Published 25th April 2013)

This is a video about how I set up and use my Personal Malden. I'm using it for my work, for my private life and as a wallet. To be honest, this baby rarely leaves my side ....

Routines stamp for my Filofax  

(Published 17th April 2013)
After having experimented with so many different methods to implement my daily routines in my Filofax, without cumbersome writing/rewriting, I finally found the perfect solution: a stamp!

Finally got my perfect Filofax Malden in PURPLE!

(Published 6th April 2013)
Quite a lengthy babble about how I found my perfect purple Malden.
It's not easy to get your hands on the most perfect Malden, but I did it!
Kudoz to Filofax Germany ( for helping me!

Browsing the 2005 Filofax catalog

(Published 1st April 2013)



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  1. I am glad you had time away from the blog... I love your videos too!