Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Time Management e-book!

This is just a very quick message to tell you that my time management e-book is now available for free! (if you don't mind the hassle of subscribing to my wonderful newsletter, that is ... ;-))

Hop over to my new website and get yourself a copy!

Oh, and don't worry: all my planner and time management related posts will still get posted on this blog.

It's just that not much is happening in that department right now. I'm still over-the-moon delighted with my Franklin Covey Compact inserts (though I've moved to the Seasons refills). I swap binders between the pink Daytimer and the tan Aurora, totally depending on my mood.

I had a very short love affair with the infamous Veronica binder in Latte, but we never really hit it off. The color is divine, but that buckle ..... (le sigh).
Should you be interested, drop me a line. Otherwise, you might find it on Adspot in a few weeks.

Oh, here's a picture! A quite crappy one, I admit ...


  1. Hallo Jotje, ich hätte Interesse. Schick mir doch bitte eine Mail mit deiner Preisvorstellung + Porto nach Deutschland an wolfwalkerin(at)googlemail(dot)com.
    Hast du auch noch Einlagen? Einfach alles aufzählen, bitte ;-). Danke und liebe Grüße.

  2. I have that Veronica and I'm thinking about having my husband remove the rings. I think it would still look fine and then they would be gone! Why does FC do that? Those big buckles are a bad idea.

  3. I love it, just can't find one here in the UK

  4. Hi Gail,

    If you wish to buy mine, I have the Veronica Latte as well. I am 45AdS on Twitter.

  5. GREAT!!!! I have nonimated your blog for an award. see my blog at ... ps this isnt spam, lol.