Monday, 24 December 2012

Guestpost by Suus: Setup of Emma, the purple Malden!

I'm very happy to have Suus (who has become a regular commenter on Filofax-blogs ;-)) doing a lovely guestpost on her Personal Malden in purple.

Without further ado:

My Personal Malden ‘Emma’

I always had a ring binder as a planner. I started with the cheap ones, then moved up to the brand Succes and after that I switched to Filofax. Most of the times I had purchased black ring binders. And then I saw the Malden! In purple! I was sold! But, I started thinking, do I need a planner? I just purchased one? But I wanted her. So I bought her and here is she: my Emma.

This is how I set her up. But I am still changing her. That is what I like about the Filofax: you can change it to suit you! Live is always changing, so why not change the setup of your planner to suit you better??

First of all I have been looking at a lot of YouTube films about the planner, reading about the different setups in the different blogs (my favorite is still And I got a lot of ideas. I made my dividers myself. I wanted something chic for her and it had to color-coordinate with the purple.

The tabs are removable and are from Avery. I made it like this, because I wanted the flexibility to change the tabs if I wanted. I have the following sections:
- Notes
- Work
- Month
- Diary
- Money
- Others

In the note sections I put everything: loose thoughts, thinks I want to look up, etc. I also put there some ruled record cards. Just in case I need to remember things long term.

On the Work section, I put all my to do’s related to work. After I finish a task, I mark it as finished. I also have on the divider some post-its, just in case.

In my diary I put a check box and behind it I put ‘to do work’. I cross reference to this tab, so I know that I have put work task in this section that has to be completed.

The next tab is month. Actually it is the Filofax year planners (horizontal). I have here the 2012, 2013 and 2014. At the end of 2012, I will copy some data to 2013 and I will archive the 2012. So it is not a real month, but more ‘year’. I color code here. Not much, but this is what I do: green is for sports, orange is for salary, purple for birthdays and blue all the other appointments. In 2013 I am going to change this system. I saw a lot of good idea’s regarding the color coding system.

Next tab is ‘diary’. I use the 1 week on 2 pages diary. I dived a day in two sections: appointment and to do’s. In the ‘to do section’ I cross reference to the other tabs where the information is added. So for example: to do work, I am referring to my tab ‘work’ where my ‘to do’s’ are added. After completing the ‘to do’s’ for the week, I will check the box as completed. The box is always red and the check mark green.

I got for my birthday some emotion cards. On one side (the orange one) is the energy part and the blue one the relax part. I hole-punched them and put one per week. If I like it, it will transfer to next week. Sometimes you just need a little push to go through the week.

The last section of Emma is the tab ‘Others’. Here I have:
- To do’s in general (not work related);
- ‘WWW’ pages of Filofax;
- A clear pocket with stamps and other stuff in it;
- Some maps (from Succes) that I really like;
- Addresses;
- A clear leaf with a lot of post-its.

The ‘to do’ section under this tab was so easily made. I bought a ring note book with the ‘to do’ sheets in it at the HEMA. I took the book apart, cut the hole-punched side for the rings. After that it fitted perfectly in the Personal. I punched holed it and voila, ready to use. One side is to do and on the other side to call and to buy.

In the back pocket I added a little note book I bought at our local supermarket (Albert Hein). Love the color of the book.

The pen that I use in Emma is my Waterman ballpoint. It is slim enough to fit into the pen loop. And also the color is perfect for Emma.

But I am not called the ‘Queen of Pens’ just for using one pen. No, I have a lot of other pens. I use in Emma the Pilot G-2 pens. I use these pens, because they do not bleed through the Moleskine paper and therefore I have been using them in Emma. But I saw a lot of reviews regarding the Pilot Frixions. So I bought them and I am going to use them next year.

Because I have a lot of pens, I bought a nice pen case (color coordinated with Emma).

So this is my setup. I hope you liked it. Thank you all for the idea’s that you put on the internet. Just love to read about it and so getting some ideas for my Filofax.

Thank you, Suus, for this awesome guestpost!!!


  1. I love the emotion cards - looks like the perfect way to start any week :-)

    1. Thank you. It is indeed. I have one that I like so much, that I am still using it for some weeks now. I also use the '12 nieuw rituals' rules from Flow Magazine (free to download from the site and than choose Marenthe - 12 nieuwe rituelen).

  2. I love reading about how people set up their filofaxes. \love the purple malden also. I have a vintage pink that I am tinkering with. I have set aside my wine Holborn for the more girly Malden!