Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Colorful menu planner for my Franklin!

So, I needed and wanted a colorful menu planner for my Franklin. Just to record dinner plans, so I didn't need any spaces for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Preferably undated, but with fun colors! Because I didn't find anything to my liking, I sat down and made my own using MS Word. It took me about 10 minutes tops!
I printed the inserts on Personal sized Filofax paper and I'm very pleased with the result!


  1. Beautiful!I love it! I only include dinner in my menu planning, too.

  2. Me too, dinner only. I don't keep my list in my planner, though. I have a separate list on my refrigerator, mainly because there are one or two nights where my husband is the one "cooking" (usually its sandwiches or pasta) since I don't get home until late. I like the look of your list though, great idea!

  3. I love it -- simple, easy, and colorful!