Thursday, 16 August 2012

Great inspiration with Goddess Leonie's Creative Goddess E-Course!

If you are female you must have heard about Leonie Dawson! Not only did she create the phantastic 2012 Workbook and Calendar that has been so popular amongst Filofax bloggers (If you haven't already, you should read LimeTreeFruit's setup of her 2012-Leonie-Workbook right now!), but she also offers lots of awesome e-courses that are just sooo refreshing and inspiring and happyness-inducing (is that really a word? Well, it is NOW!)!
When LimeTreeFruits tweeted about the Creative Goddess E-Course, I was intrigued, followed her link and - just like the impulsive woman I am - became a member of the GoddessCircle. I could have bought the Creative Goddess E-Course separately, but I figured I'd rather have it all!

That's how I started the Creative Goddess E-Course, together with a group of other woman from around the world. Now, it's a 6-week-course, and I'm only well into week 3, but I.LOVE.IT.SOOO.MUCH! (yep, I yelled...)
It is so liberating to create and paint not on the basis of various techniques (like I have been tought), but simply through your intuition. Each creative assignment is accompanied by Video's and Meditations. Especially the meditations are soooo powerful and deep and wonderful! (plus, I'm a sucker for a good Australian accent, hehe)
I've learned so much in these past 2+ weeks, and life just has become more fun and more filled with joy.
Totally admit it: I'm a hippie at heart! Ha ha!

So if you feel you would love more creativity and wholeness in your life, you should totally check it out!

And stay tuned for the presentation of my "Goddess Filofax" in due time ...


  1. I followed Lime Trees link too. Have managed to resist temptation so far but your rave review may has just tipped the scales :D

  2. YES!!!!!! Let's do it peeeeeooople!

    Jotje, I am SO glad you said and I SO hear you on that: "I've learned so much in these past 2+ weeks, and life just has become more fun and more filled with joy."
    Although I joined the circle back in May, this is the first course that I am really following and geeeezzzz, I just want to blog about it all the time!!! Those 2 weeks really had changed my perspective of things!
    I am so glad there are more people to talk about it now! Really, thanks for joining! :)