Friday, 24 August 2012

All Stars Guest Post by Ray Blake - How to overcome procrastination

Ray from My Life All in One Place agreed to do an All Stars Guest Post on my Blog. Yay!!!


I am a natural procrastinator. Often, I won't undertake a task until it is very nearly too late. This isn't usually because of a lack of time or a lack of skill, but a lack of will. Of course, leaving everything to the last moment can be a disastrous way to operate, so I have to curb my natural tendencies as much as I can.

The best way I have found to tackle procrastination is to lie to myself. I first came across the technique in the writing of Mark Forster and it capitalises on the comparative ease with which we can fool our unconscious minds.

You need to say to yourself that you are not going to actually do the job you're putting off, but rather that you are just going to prepare to do it, or start it by taking some very trivial action, and then stopping.

Here are some examples:
  • I'm not going to call the customer, but I will look up the number and make a note of it. 
  • I'm not going to write that blog post, but I'll just brainstorm to identify the main content and ideas. 
  • I’m not going to go shopping, but I will start writing a lis.
  • I'm not going to clear the spare room, but I will find some bin bags and boxes that will help me.  
The idea is all about creating momentum. I often find that once I've finished the minor task, I just carry on into the major one. Even if I don't, I have genuinely accomplished something and made the job just a little bit smaller anyway.

Thank you so much, Ray. I think this is very helpful! I am planning on doing more posts on this subject and I like your approach!


  1. I found a great quote the other day:

    "Procrastination is simply a reorganisation of my priorities". Brush Dance - Laughlines.

    I must admit, I beat myself up every time I find myself burning the midnight oil to get an essay in by a deadline....that has been known for several weeks.

  2. Such a timely post for me! Thank you, Ray. I'm going to tackle one of the small tasks to my bigger project. Well....I'll do it as soon as I finish going through the Philofaxy web finds!

  3. Ray, your advice helped me getting off my chair and finally writing that guest post I promised to Femke! Now, I'll also put it into action to get your guest post rollin' .....

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