Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All Stars Guest Post by Femke: Mr. Bag

I'm all new to this whole All Stars thing that was such great fun last year. I wasn't involved then, because I didn't blog yet last year ;-) This year I'll try to make up for my losses!

I'm very happy that sweet Femke from Deligted has agreed to write a post on her handbag addiction love. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did!


Judith was so kind to let me ramble about the perfect bag on her blog and after careful consideration, I have decided on these tips and tricks to find the perfect handbag.

First of all, ladies, keep in mind that the perfect handbag does not exist. If you’re a bag addict like myself, you will keep looking for the perfect bag, and while every bag has its pros and cons, you will always find a fault with it.

Second of all, after careful research for many years, I think I may have determined a questionnaire to decide if the bag you’re lusting after is Mr. Bag now.

  • Is it a colour that matches 90% of your outfits? If yes, then buy it. If not, buy it anyway.
  • Can you carry everything with you? If yes, buy it. If not, leave it at the store (yes shocking, I know). There is no use carrying a bag with half your daily essentials and having to carry another bag to carry the other half. While I support having multiple bags, this is just ridiculous.
  • Does it match your current filofax? If yes, buy it. If not, does it match any of your spare filofaxes? If yes, buy it. If not, find a filofax to match this bag so you can still buy this bag.
  • How much is it? If you can afford it right now, buy it. If you can’t really afford it but you can do the angel eyes look (OHMYGODINEEDTHISBAGWILLYOUBUYITFORME?) to your dear husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/parents/others, let them buy it for you. If that doesn’t work, pull out your credit card and cut it in half. You are not going in debt because of a bag.
  • What purpose does this bag have? Will it be a night bag, school bag, work bag or diaper bag? Determining the purpose of the bag will be useless because if it’s Mr Bag now you will use it anyway until you’re bored with it.
  •  If the bag is expensive, determine if you are willing to spend X amount of money on the bag (will it be perfect? If in doubt – don’t buy it because it is a lot of money). If you are, see if you can afford it, and if you can justify spending the money (if you cannot justify it, you must not buy it. Because I don’t want you to starve or go in debt because of a bag, because to be honest, it is just a bag. I try to tell myself that on a regular basis).  

I do have to warn you, once you start with a bag collection, you cannot stop. And then you will end up like me, with a huge bag collection. I don’t even have room for more. And so, I’m selling a lot of my handbags. Not only because I don’t have enough room for them, but also because I have been lusting after this amazeballs bag and I need it before it sells out. And because it’s a Marc Jacobs bag. I’ve sold only a couple and I am sobbing each time I’m sending out one bag. But, I cannot justify that much money right now, so selling my bags will mean I can save up for this fabulous bag.

Other bags that are on my wishlist (maybe I should call it the “dream on list”) are:
  • The Hermes Birkin
  • The Mulberry Alexa
  • Any Marc Jacobs bag
  • Even though I’m not a real fan of Louis Vuitton, I would LOVE to have one bag for my collection.

And then I would store all my bags like in a museum and surround myself with them on days I feel sad.

I really need to stop now, because I am getting desperate. Hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! And thank you Judith for hosting me!  

Thank you very much, Femke!!!!

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  1. I LOVE this post!!! I agree with everything you've said here, though I have to admit that at times I haven't "saved up" for a bag -- I bought the bag on the pretense that I would sell some and just never have. The cheaper ones that I've used well I donate to charity organizations. I have yet to sell any bags that I no longer wanted, though I have given some to my mom. But, with the exceptions of a small Coach collection, I don't tend to buy designer bags, mainly because I buy too many bags to warrant spending that kind of money - a $20 bag from target will do just as well, so long as its pretty. ;-) great post!