Friday, 13 July 2012

Setup of my Travel-Filofax

Finally, here's my post about my travel Filofax. I have already vlogged on my sweet purple Compact Pennybridge, but felt that the 10 minutes my iPhone usually grants me, were far too restricted for everything I had to tell.
Plus, I like to show the Penny off a bit more ;-)

I started using a Filofax as my Travel companion three years ago. Back then it was the Lavender Domino that stored all brochures and dates and travel bits. This Domino has meanwhile been adopted by my 9 year old daughter who loves and uses it to the full extent!

Alongside the Domino I also carried my Pocket Filofax wallet, which meant that my bag was rather full on any given day (it's impossible to leave your travel-filo at home, it would completely defy its sole purpose!).

So last year I had the grand idea to combine the two. My eye fell on the Urban slate, because it has a zip pocket on the outside, where I could put my coins. Here's a picture of the Urban in action (you can see some brochures peeking out the top and bottom).

While the Urban did his job, he totally didn't rock my boat. It's soooo plain and dullish and the canvas is just not so nice to the touch (totally my personal opinion!).

So when I read about the release of the Compact Pennybridge in purple at the beginning of the year, I knew that this would be my next travel friend! Thanks to the ever friendly people at City Organiser, I didn't need to wait long for its arrival, once I placed my order.
Here's the Penny on top of my Domino:

I still find it hard to believe that the Pennybridge is made from fake leather, it feels and looks so natural! Being a zipper means that it's also slightly longer than a personal sized Filofax. Which is perfect for my needs!
You see, I love to collect those little brochures when I'm on vacation. Sometimes they serve as a memoir of places we went to, but mostly they are needed for information and to make plans accordingly.

Much too my delight, the Pennybridge can hold several (!!!) of these brochures (which are in fact nothing more than an A4 size sheet of paper folded in three), while the zip still closes snuggly!

See? Closed! Love the cute leather hanger on the zipper!

Another wonderful feature of the compact Pennybridge is this pocket on the outside: ideal to store tickets or receipts. It's a rather tight fit, which ensures that nothing will fall out!

And in this pocket I carry a quadrille notepad, just in case...!

If you want to know what sections and inserts I use in my travel Filofax, you'll have to watch my little vlog!

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  1. I just love this binder for this purpose. I'm not a huge fan of the zipped binders, but for travel it's perfect! I could combined what I need of my everyday filo with wallet contents and keep it all nicely secured with that zipper. Now I just have to wait (and hope) that the pennybridge comes to the US!