Thursday, 3 May 2012

Black vintage beauty!

Always on the hunt for a new worthwhile addition to my Filofax family, I stumbled upon this lovely vintage binder on eBay: a black personal Kensington. You can get them for very little money, which proofs that they are currently a bit underrated in the shine of all the new tres fashionable new binders on the market.
Which is a shame!
When I first touched this Kensington, I was amazed about how soft and plyable the leather is. Very unlike the Mini Kensington I once owned, which was very stiff and which seemed to have been made of much thicker leather than this one. The black leather has a very nice shine!

On the left the Kensington has 8 card slots with a full height vertical pocket behind it. On the right there is a very roomy gusseted zip pocket with another vertical pocket behind it.

Close up left side with card slots and vertical pocket:

Zip pocket:

With vertical pocket behind:

 The pen loop is made entirely of leather. But since the leather is so soft and bendable the penloop is a lot more flexible than you'd expect. In fact, I would love if all Filofaxes came with these penloops!
Full leather pen loop

 The model name:

 Shot of the spine with embossed "f"-logo:

 Alas, it only comes with the standard 23 mm -rings. It really would have deserved 30 mm rings!!!
Meager 23 mm rings

Of course, you'll want to know if this baby lays flat? Well, to be honest, it does a LOT more than that!
Have a look!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a Filofax!!!

Even my favourite Malden isn't that flexible!

And in case you wondered how it would look stuffed, I tranfered the guts from my Personal Malden to the Kensington. I'm looking forward to the test drive!
Kensington with journal/logbook on my kids and Lamy FP

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. If you love Vintage Filofaxes you should come back, because I have a very rare bright red Winchester coming (should the seller ever decide to ship the darn thing ...!).


  1. I love the "it does a lot more than that". THAT's a flex Filofax! Great post!
    Fingers crossed that the Winchester is coming soon!

  2. Lovely - looking forward to seeing the Winchester :o)

  3. Beautiful! There's nothing like a well used binder!

  4. Beautiful! And I thought the Maldens were flexible :)
    Looking forward to hearing about your Winchester.

    1. Still looking forward to actually receiving it! Paid for on April 14th, still nothing. Supposed to have shipped on the 20th. I highly doubt that, Royal Mail Signed for is usually very prompt!

  5. I have one that is almost twenty years old. I bought it when i was living in Paris. It still looks great. It's beautiful, it's flexible and it's soft. I prefer the older model to the ones Filofax is making nowadays.
    Enjoy it.

  6. I have a mini Kensington and about to get a pocket in burgundy :) the mini is only my 2nd Filofax :) have not bought any of the new models.. :)

  7. Today I decided to dig for my old filofax fax and actually start using it. I came across your blog and . Have the exact one. A Kensington . Got in 1997 for my 12th. It rrp at $150 at the local Myer store. (i am in Australia). I loved and still do this soft, flexible planner. Smells so lovely too. I don'. Really plan on using the credit card section for cards etc but I'll find a lovely purpose :)

  8. I recently got my hands onto a used Kensington in brown & with the first touch I fell in love with this gorgeous binder. If this would have been my first filofax, I would not have been out hunting any other models. Thanks for this great review and the lovely pictures.