Thursday, 31 May 2012

Honey, I'm home!!!

A while back Philofaxy-reader Caroline announced that she had put her A5 vintage pink Malden on eBay. By that time I had already placed my first bid ... ;-)
And while the Philofaxy-meetup in London was going full steam, I sat on the stairs with my iPod and managed to win it!!!! (and sorry to any Philofaxer I might have outbid ....)

Caroline must be the fastest eBay shipper in history (well, besides the infamous City Organiser of course), as it took only 2 days for the package to travel from the UK to Holland!

As soon as I opened the package and held this precious A5 Malden in all his floppiness and leather-delightness, I had that strong sense of ..... finally returning home!
I didn't realize how much I missed my Malden since I moved from Personal to A5. I have since acquired beautiful and gorgeous A5 binders, but none have that inexplicable Maldenishness ...

Caroline, if you are reading this: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You even cured my lust for the purple A5 Malden!

Love of my life!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Amazing 30 mm rings! (Personal Portland Grand)

First of all, I'm very sad to report that the Winchester deal didn't go through. Since the seller refuses to reply, I was forced to open a case on Ebay to get a refund. Very disappointed though!

However, a few days later, I happend to find this absolutely stunning Vintage Filofax on Ebay. I got it at a fairly low price. Yes, it's old. Yes, it's personal sized and I already of plenty of them. Yes, it's plain old boring black. However .......

It's got 30 mm HUGE rings!!!!

It's in fact the Personal Portland Grand!
Now, I've (briefly) owned a Portland before. That one was burgundy-red, had the regular 23 mm rings, but it hadn't been used very much before. Thus, it was still a bit stiff.

This one however, has been used before, and lovingly so! The leather is unbelievably soft, it's exactly how I always imagined the Eton leather to be (though I never touched or seen one in the flesh to be honest). The leather of the Portland is smooth and squishy and very nice to the touch!
Comparison between Kensington to the left and Portland to the right

The layout is rather unusual. The Portland has the zipped pocket on the left, and the nicely shaped six creditcard slots on the right.
It's really black, trust me!

And did you notice the fact that it has TWO penloops? If you are a regular-sized-pen-user, you would be most pleased! The penloops are full leather and have stitched edges. But if you - like me - love Lamy Fountain pens, you'll discover that those are too fat for the loops. Then again, besides the fully elasticated penloops of say a Domino, those Lamy fatties won't fit anything anyway ...

The reason why I'm so excited about the 30 mm rings, is that I am using a Personal sized binder (Kensington until now) for the diary inserts of my kid's journals. Until today, I could only fit in 8 months worth of WO2P per kid. NOW, my friends, I can insert FOUR FULL YEARS of weekly inserts, and still have room to slip my Pocket Moleskine cahier in the back (behind the cardslots).

One fat puppy!

Each kid has his/her own tab!

Another striking feature about the rings - regardless their hugeness - is the craftmanship. I have never ever seen rings that aligned so perfectly! In fact, it's hard to see where one side of the ring ends and the other starts. Also the sound when opening the rings is differently, all you hear is a soft "pop" and they are open.
I really wished Filofax would return to that quality of the ring mechanism. All the currently reported ring problems would be a sure thing of the past!

Futile attempt to show you the ring perfection!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the review of this truly amazing Filofax binder. Make sure to visit eBay regularly, if you would like to own one yourself!

P.S. And don't forget to vote in the latest Philofaxy Awards!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Pocket Filofax Wallet

Okay, here's another Filofax tour video! This time it's about how I use my Pocket Chameleon Filofax as my wallet, shopping list holder etc.
A while back I got a nice real leather purse, but I stopped using it after only one day. I missed my shopping and all the other lists! I don't think I will ever stop using a Filofax as my wallet! It's too late, I'm now spoiled with having everything in one place ...!

(P.S. Once again, excuse the blurriness, both in the picture and in the video. I will work on that in future posts!)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Black vintage beauty!

Always on the hunt for a new worthwhile addition to my Filofax family, I stumbled upon this lovely vintage binder on eBay: a black personal Kensington. You can get them for very little money, which proofs that they are currently a bit underrated in the shine of all the new tres fashionable new binders on the market.
Which is a shame!
When I first touched this Kensington, I was amazed about how soft and plyable the leather is. Very unlike the Mini Kensington I once owned, which was very stiff and which seemed to have been made of much thicker leather than this one. The black leather has a very nice shine!

On the left the Kensington has 8 card slots with a full height vertical pocket behind it. On the right there is a very roomy gusseted zip pocket with another vertical pocket behind it.

Close up left side with card slots and vertical pocket:

Zip pocket:

With vertical pocket behind:

 The pen loop is made entirely of leather. But since the leather is so soft and bendable the penloop is a lot more flexible than you'd expect. In fact, I would love if all Filofaxes came with these penloops!
Full leather pen loop

 The model name:

 Shot of the spine with embossed "f"-logo:

 Alas, it only comes with the standard 23 mm -rings. It really would have deserved 30 mm rings!!!
Meager 23 mm rings

Of course, you'll want to know if this baby lays flat? Well, to be honest, it does a LOT more than that!
Have a look!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a Filofax!!!

Even my favourite Malden isn't that flexible!

And in case you wondered how it would look stuffed, I tranfered the guts from my Personal Malden to the Kensington. I'm looking forward to the test drive!
Kensington with journal/logbook on my kids and Lamy FP

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. If you love Vintage Filofaxes you should come back, because I have a very rare bright red Winchester coming (should the seller ever decide to ship the darn thing ...!).