Thursday, 19 April 2012

Puppy Love!! (or the irresistable Mini Malden)

I already mentioned it on Twitter: since I started this blog, a few new Filofax additions have found their way into my home. Just like I'm a sucker for cute homeless critters, I cannot walk away from homeless little Filofaxes ...
When I found this mini Malden on Ebay, I couldn't resist, because A) it was so cheap and B) I thought that it would complete my Malden Family (Wait! What about the A5? ...... Read on ...).

Here she is!
Oooooooooooohh - Awwwwwwwwwww!

My first reaction was the same as I usually display when seeing a cute little puppy! After I was done with the Ooochie Pooochie, I opened her upon further inspection:

Familiar zip pocket on the left, thought really super small and tiny in this Mini size. I would hold a few parking coins, but not many! Behind the zip pocket are two card slots. Unlike the Pocket size, the Mini doesn't allow for a horizontal insertion of cards (which would allow for 2 cards above each other), it's just too ..... TINY!

The Malden came with the regular WO2P inserts in 4 languages:

The bottom slot on the righthand side is little Notes-box. I said LITTLE!

 The righthand cover doesn't have a notepad pocket like all the other Malden sizes. Which was a bit of a disappointment: I mean, how terribly cute would such a teenyweeny notepad have been?! But okay, two more card slots is okay as well ....

Of course, the Mini also has the infamous full width wallet pocket. Which means you COULD use it as an actual wallet (I know Thomas S. does/did use his Ochre Mini Malden as a wallet).
Full width wallet pocket

One of the first things I noticed when I looked at this Malden, was the different texture from my Pink Vintage Pocket Malden. The Pocket is more smooth, whereas this Mini looks kind of creased. Except for the clasp, which is made from smoother leather.
The picture below gives you an impression of the leather differences. So, would a creased Purple Malden resemble the top one?
BTW: this picture finally captures the REAL colour of the Vintage Pink! So glad, we got that settled then ...

Top: Mini; Bottom: Pocket

Finally, a comparison of the Pocket and the Mini. Which again emphasizes the cuteness of this size! I have owned a Mini Finsbury before, but it didn't feel so tiny! Maybe it's because of the - in comparison - huge clasp?
My wallet has a baby sister!

To be honest, I don't know yet if I will actually put this Filo into proper use. I 'll have to think of something. I'm now so used to the Pocket size for my wallet with shopping lists, that I don't feel I could cope with a Mini. I'll think of something though, I promise!
If you have any great ideas, please share in your comments.

P.S. About that A5 .... I have an A5 Purple Malden on pre-order at City Organiser! I just have to wait until they replenished their stock of smooooooth purple leather Maldens again ... I do hope it won't take much longer, the suspense is killing me!
Stay tuned!


  1. Awww...the mini is adorable!

  2. That is indeed EXTREMELY cute! I used to use a mini in the days where I worked regular hours full time and didn't have my daughter. Now I use a compact because I need more space! I have three minis - a black leather one that I've had for about 15 years, a lavender Domino and an aqua Finsbury. Every now and again I open the drawer and stroke them, then shut the drawer. They are so CUTE!

  3. I also wanted to say: I´m looking forward to mine... CO, please hurry up!!! :-O