Friday, 27 April 2012

Penloop hack for my A5 Finchley

This is a short video to show you a penloop hack I made for my A5 Finchley. Since I colour-code all my diary entries, I absolutely need to have 4 colours with me. But the Finchley (well, all A5 Filofaxes for that matter ...) only has 2 penloops.
I added two penloop-cards from a slim-sized Flex (one had to be cut a bit smaller) - et voila: I now have 4 penloops!

Unfortunately (and I didn't mention this in the video), I have meanwhile received my A5 Chameleon and the penloop hack is useless here because of the different pocket arrangement. Plus, the penloops in the Chameleon are soooo tight! I bought a second Slim Frixion (in matte black - very very chique!), and I just stuff the other two Frixions in the zipper. Okay for now, but will need to improve that for the future!

Without further ado, here's the link to the video!

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