Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I did it!

Yep, it finally has happened! I'm guilty of adding yet another blog to the frantic Filofax-loving world. I'll promise to write blogposts very very rarely so as to add as little as possible to your time-wasting and procrastination routines .... hehe.

In the past I wrote a few (well, only four actually) guest posts over at Philofaxy (a.k.a. the Mother Ship). For those who haven't read them, or who want to reread them, here are the links (hope you don't mind this, Steve?).

Published 8th December 2010, when I had just downsized from A5 to Personal:
Task and time management in my personal crimson Malden

And  from 7th August 2011, after my downsize from Personal to Pocket:
A pocket full of life - my pocket vintage pink Malden

Later followed a few months in Personal size, then a couple of months in the Women's Success Planner, after that back in my Personal Filofax and then in my Erin Condren Life Planner. Of course, I then missed the customisability of a Filofax, and at the same time I hit a workload Tornado. Which brought me back in square 1: in my A5 pink Finsbury Filofax (the one I orginally started in - how utterly and deeply ironic!).

My honest attempt to squeeze everything in a thinner A5 binder - my scarlet red Adelphi -  failed as I kept tweaking my system and thus adding stuff.

Should you be interested in a peek-a-boo in the A5-setup, here are my two short vlogs on it:

Luckily, thanks to the great Swedish Train Robbery (yeah, you may google that!), I was able to add an A5 Finchley in Imperial Purple to my collection. With its 25 mm rings, it's just inbetween the Finsbury (30 mm) and the Adelphi (20 mm).

In a crafty moment - induced by Filofax' ongoing refusal to give us tabbed monthly pages - I made my own, and wrote about it on 19th February 2012:
Do it yourself: Tabbed monthly pages

Oh, and since I'm always on the hunt for nice paper, I also wrote a guestpost on my latest find. This is from
22th March 2012 on the Oxford International A5 Notebook

So, how's that for a first blogpost!


  1. Yay!!! Loved these posts :o)

  2. I was wondering if you had a blog cause I haven't seen you anywhere else, and HERE YOU ARE! (:

  3. I'm happy to see you built a place of your own.

  4. YAY, so glad to see you have your own blog. Love the photo at the top of your filo family, kind of resembles mine. More video tours please.

  5. so is that top photo really all the filos you hvae? you MUST have more than that, no? listen to me PROJECTING. i can't possibly have more filos than you! i'm gonna have to get rid of a couple then...or better yet, you NEED to BUY a couple more...

  6. This post just makes me happy :)


  7. Thanks so much for all the enthusiastic reactions, much appreciated!
    @Saffy: I do plan to make more Video's. It would help if I wouldn't feel so selfconscious about my English skills, LOL
    @SNARLing: The slimline Cuban missed the photo. I did sell some filofaxes, I no longer use. And I didn't include the ones I'm planning to sell soon. The above are keepers, except for the Urban. That is my travelfax, but I have serious doubts if I'll use it again. It's very practical, but not really *FASHIONABLE*, y'know?

  8. Love! You probably have as much free time to blog as I...but I do glad you did this! xx

  9. Correction: I am so glad you did this! Duh...

  10. Congratulations, Jotje!!!
    And welcome to the Blogger-Family!!! :-)

  11. I finally watched your videos, and i LOVED them! Thank you so much to doing them! I hope you'll have time to do more :) Also, i love your voice!

    1. Oh, you really should hear me singing in the shower some day .... (LOL)