Monday, 24 December 2012

Time Management e-book with each copy of Leonie Dawson's 2013 Workbook/Planner!

Could you actually be one of the few people who hasn't yet ordered their copy of the 2013 Workbook and Planners by Leonie Dawson, that I raved about in this post?!

Awww, that's a pity! Not only are you missing out on a great tool that will help you close up this current year and help you materialize your big dreams and goals in 2013, but you're also missing out on ....



my Time Management e-book!!!

How can you get this e-book?

This e-book will be available as a freebie for anybody who orders the Create Your Incredible Year 2013 Workbook and Planner(s) by Leonie Dawson through my link. After you have ordered, send me an e-mail at jotje69(at)gmail(dot)com and I will email you your very own copy of my Time Management e-book.

This e-book contains a step-by-step guidance to help you set up your own Time Management system. So that your marvelous dreams get a kick in the ass and get actually accomplished next year!!!!

Say, YEAH!!!!

P.S. If you already ordered your Workbooks through my links, send me an e-mail as well. I have a list of names of alle who ordered, but not the email-addresses. You will obviously receive your e-book as well!!
Mail me at jotje69(at)gmail(dot)com

Guestpost by Suus: Setup of Emma, the purple Malden!

I'm very happy to have Suus (who has become a regular commenter on Filofax-blogs ;-)) doing a lovely guestpost on her Personal Malden in purple.

Without further ado:

My Personal Malden ‘Emma’

I always had a ring binder as a planner. I started with the cheap ones, then moved up to the brand Succes and after that I switched to Filofax. Most of the times I had purchased black ring binders. And then I saw the Malden! In purple! I was sold! But, I started thinking, do I need a planner? I just purchased one? But I wanted her. So I bought her and here is she: my Emma.

This is how I set her up. But I am still changing her. That is what I like about the Filofax: you can change it to suit you! Live is always changing, so why not change the setup of your planner to suit you better??

First of all I have been looking at a lot of YouTube films about the planner, reading about the different setups in the different blogs (my favorite is still And I got a lot of ideas. I made my dividers myself. I wanted something chic for her and it had to color-coordinate with the purple.

The tabs are removable and are from Avery. I made it like this, because I wanted the flexibility to change the tabs if I wanted. I have the following sections:
- Notes
- Work
- Month
- Diary
- Money
- Others

In the note sections I put everything: loose thoughts, thinks I want to look up, etc. I also put there some ruled record cards. Just in case I need to remember things long term.

On the Work section, I put all my to do’s related to work. After I finish a task, I mark it as finished. I also have on the divider some post-its, just in case.

In my diary I put a check box and behind it I put ‘to do work’. I cross reference to this tab, so I know that I have put work task in this section that has to be completed.

The next tab is month. Actually it is the Filofax year planners (horizontal). I have here the 2012, 2013 and 2014. At the end of 2012, I will copy some data to 2013 and I will archive the 2012. So it is not a real month, but more ‘year’. I color code here. Not much, but this is what I do: green is for sports, orange is for salary, purple for birthdays and blue all the other appointments. In 2013 I am going to change this system. I saw a lot of good idea’s regarding the color coding system.

Next tab is ‘diary’. I use the 1 week on 2 pages diary. I dived a day in two sections: appointment and to do’s. In the ‘to do section’ I cross reference to the other tabs where the information is added. So for example: to do work, I am referring to my tab ‘work’ where my ‘to do’s’ are added. After completing the ‘to do’s’ for the week, I will check the box as completed. The box is always red and the check mark green.

I got for my birthday some emotion cards. On one side (the orange one) is the energy part and the blue one the relax part. I hole-punched them and put one per week. If I like it, it will transfer to next week. Sometimes you just need a little push to go through the week.

The last section of Emma is the tab ‘Others’. Here I have:
- To do’s in general (not work related);
- ‘WWW’ pages of Filofax;
- A clear pocket with stamps and other stuff in it;
- Some maps (from Succes) that I really like;
- Addresses;
- A clear leaf with a lot of post-its.

The ‘to do’ section under this tab was so easily made. I bought a ring note book with the ‘to do’ sheets in it at the HEMA. I took the book apart, cut the hole-punched side for the rings. After that it fitted perfectly in the Personal. I punched holed it and voila, ready to use. One side is to do and on the other side to call and to buy.

In the back pocket I added a little note book I bought at our local supermarket (Albert Hein). Love the color of the book.

The pen that I use in Emma is my Waterman ballpoint. It is slim enough to fit into the pen loop. And also the color is perfect for Emma.

But I am not called the ‘Queen of Pens’ just for using one pen. No, I have a lot of other pens. I use in Emma the Pilot G-2 pens. I use these pens, because they do not bleed through the Moleskine paper and therefore I have been using them in Emma. But I saw a lot of reviews regarding the Pilot Frixions. So I bought them and I am going to use them next year.

Because I have a lot of pens, I bought a nice pen case (color coordinated with Emma).

So this is my setup. I hope you liked it. Thank you all for the idea’s that you put on the internet. Just love to read about it and so getting some ideas for my Filofax.

Thank you, Suus, for this awesome guestpost!!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

2013 will be a-ma-zing with these workbooks!!!

As you all know by now, I'm a huuuuuge fan of Leonie Dawson. I have been a member of here Goddess Circle for several months now. Being a member to the Goddess Circle gives you free access to all her stuff: workbooks, meditations, e-courses, kits ..... I followed her Creative Goddess e-course and her Biz Goddess e-course. Both of which were nothing less but a big treat!

And now she has just released her new Workbook plus Calendar for 2013!!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!! And that's not all! She released TWO different Workbooks! One Life edition and one Biz edition! How perfectly generous and amazing is that???

You must know, that her 2012 workbook (plus the e-course as well) have inspired me sooo much, that I decided to get my trainer certification. I'm currently writing my first own e-course! Very exciting times ....!

But now I'm off to print my 2013 workbooks on A5 paper to stuff my violet Domino Filofax to the gills!!!!!

By clicking on the images in the righthand bar, you'll navigate directly to Leonie's website! Highly recommended ... ;-)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Colorful menu planner for my Franklin!

So, I needed and wanted a colorful menu planner for my Franklin. Just to record dinner plans, so I didn't need any spaces for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Preferably undated, but with fun colors! Because I didn't find anything to my liking, I sat down and made my own using MS Word. It took me about 10 minutes tops!
I printed the inserts on Personal sized Filofax paper and I'm very pleased with the result!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Other mothers have handsome sons, too ....

Late in September I finished a huge work project. With everything in place and new activities ermerging, I suddenly felt the need for a planner change. My A5 Malden and me were working together just fine, but I didn't really need that much space anymore. At least, not for the next months.

As you already read in my last blogpost, I had printed out some DIY diary pages for my Personal Malden, that were kind of a mockup of the Franklincovey layout. They worked nicely, so I ordered a pack of nearly outdated Compact refills from Franklin Covey UK (dated from April 2012 to March 2013). They were priced at 8.95 GBP, so I figured it wasn't a huge amount of money, should it not all work out.

FC UK don't do tracking codes btw, and various phone conversations with the Scottish employee's revived a lot of memories (I had lived in Newcastle years ago, and the Geordie accent bears similarities with the Scottish tongue). Nevertheless, I received a nicely boxed package about one week later. Not too bad, considering they shipped it by road instead of air (yep, true that!).

The inserts fit nicely in my Crimson Malden, but it wasn't really all that perfect. By mere coincidence I stumbled upon an empty (and very ugly!) Exatime binder at a shop clearance that was about an inch wider than the regular Filofax Personal binders. Cool! I moved right into it, but hated the look of the binder (black pleather with a dark green mock croc - brrrrr). So I started scanning Ebay for FC Compact Binders. Plenty of choice there! I bought one from the US  (shipping was more than reasonable), but was truly horrified once it arrived: that thing was HUUUGE. I figured I didn't need 1.75 inch rings after all ...... (now, stop laughing!)

But one fine day, I discovered a very nice binder on Ebay UK, which had been listed as a Classic size. It arrived within just 4 days (thank you, kind seller!) and I am in love! I discovered that this model is called Aurora and has since been phased out. The leather is gorgeous, and absolutely equals the Malden magic. I have seen this binder in a dark burgundy somewhere on Ebay, but the one I won is a rich warm tan colour. Purrrrrrfect!

So, let's take a closer look at this beauty:

Meet Miss Aurora

Fully loaded.
View from the top

Backside, with a nice full height pocket - who knew?
Two very roomy penloops (hold two Lamy FPs without hesitation) and GOLDEN rings!

The rings are gorgeous! Not only are they super aligned and strong and golden, but they are 1.25" big!!!!

1.25" rings!

Obviously,it would have been insane to use this binder, have it with me at all times, and also use my Compact Chameleon as my wallet at the same time. So I decided to give Chameleon a break (she's been assigned another job now), and move her entire wallet contents over to Aurora. It actually works brilliantly!

6 cardslots, a secretarial pocket behind them, and a large open pocket where I store paper cash  

The zipper pocket holds my coins!

Post its- dashboard for my (grocery) shopping list (behind this my usual 4 wallet tabs).

 As for the diary portion of the planner: I really love the Original 2PPD pages! I'm still colorcoding as you can see, I love all the space on the right hand side where I also journal about my day before I go to bed. Great way to close up the day and never forget a thing. I also bought a Pouch Pagefinder, where I can insert a piece of paper with my weekly Task list.

Original 2PPD with pouch pagefinder
I use the monthly pages to record future events and appointments. They have replaced my weekly pages alltogether, how about that? I colorcode for a better visibility and I also use some Paperchase stickers to highlight special events.

Month on two pages

On the back of the monthly pages: Personal, Family and Household Todo's for the month; Work Todo's o the right (first page of the month)

The inserts I purchased only go until March 2013, so I only have the tabbed month until that time. However, the package also included a full year of untabbed monthly pages (on two pages!) after March 2013! I simply added a postit flag and can now plan forward for more than a year, until I buy my next inserts:

DIY tabs

As you can see, other mums really do have very beautiful sons ... ehm .. daughters, too! I am totally in love with this binder and also with the inserts. I like to be able to always have my planner with me. I also had a chance to listen to the Franklin Covey tapes (from Hyrum Smith's workshops) and got some great new insights. I started prioritizing my daily tasks (A = vital, B = important, C = should), and I use my Daily Tracker to record at least one task per day that is on my Longterm Goals list. It all just feels so natural and logic and really makes sense ....

So, anybody else considering moving over to Franklin Covey ....?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wanna join the Franklin Covey frenzy...?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed that Filofax is loosing a lot of its customers to their competitor Franklin Covey (amongst others, I might add). Filofax may have all the pretty binders, but FC really rocks when it comes to diary inserts. Or so I have heard.

However, if you "like" the idea of new inserts, but feel hesitant to splurge yet more money on inserts that you might not like after all, I suggest a thorough test drive!

If you are using an A5 Filofax at the moment, head over to to download their free undated sample planner. This PDF includes are 31 day planner, numbered from 1 to 31. You only need to print it out and add the month and day of the week. Unfortunately, FC made a big mistake here, because they chose a two-day spread as one PDF-page, which makes it impossible to print the planner pages in booklet mode. Missed opportunity! I ended up printing the lot on A4 sheets and cut them. It was not possible to align the numbers properly (I wish they had left the Date empty as well!), but with a bit of fat black pen, I worked around it.

Here's an example of such a daily spread:
Franklin Covey Sample Pages in A5 Filofax

 As you can see, this layout gives you a lot of writing real estate and lots of freedom aswell.

But, what if you want to print out and try out their Compact pages? The Compact refills have the same hole spacing as Filofax Personal, but are half an inch wider. This doesn't need to be a problem, if you use one of the wider Filofaxes, like the Malden. But where can you get free planner pages? I tried to shrink the above free sample pages to Compact size (which is 10.8 x 17.1 cm), but that only resulted in a minitiature line spacing. Idiotic really. Don't try this at home!

However, there's another wonderful solution. If you go to you can download your own Dynamic Templates Kit to make your very own inserts. This kit is available for both Windows and Mac computers. It lets you customize your page view, and you choose if you want to print a year worth of pages, or just a few weeks. The basic layout is based on the Frankly Covey layout. Since you can also customize the page size, it is very easy to define the Compact page size with your desired daily (or weekly or monthly) spread and then print it out.

I've tried it out myself and here is the result:

DIY in Compact FC size in my Personal Malden

I first cut out a stack of paper to Compact size, then fed them through my printer. Bit cumbersome, yes, but if you really consider spending lots of money on international shipping of inserts, it might be worthwhile to try that format out first.

By the way: in my research of different refill options I also discovered that Exatime 17 binders are also half an inch wider than a Personal Filofax. Be careful though, because they also have a "Exatime 17 light" version, which is the exact same size as FF Personal and thus less useable for FC sized inserts.

Whatever inserts you choose or already have chosen for next year: have fun using them!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Update on my A5 Malden daily and weekly inserts (Video)

... on YouTube. And this time I'm starring myself, so don't be mad if the vlog is gone tomorrow, 'cos I couldn't bear it anymore ... LOL

The inserts I'm using are:
Weekly: Family Life Book by Organised Mum.
Daily: Circa Balanced Life Planner (Julie Morgenstern) by Levenger.

Any questions? Just fire away. Either here or on YouTube.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

All Stars Guest Post - Essentials to plan a busy family life!

In case you missed it: I have written an All Stars guest post on Femke's blog last week, where I detail how I plan my busy family life with a little help from my Filofax and the OrganisedMum range!
Don't miss it!
Essentials to plan a busy family life!

Friday, 24 August 2012

All Stars Guest Post by Ray Blake - How to overcome procrastination

Ray from My Life All in One Place agreed to do an All Stars Guest Post on my Blog. Yay!!!


I am a natural procrastinator. Often, I won't undertake a task until it is very nearly too late. This isn't usually because of a lack of time or a lack of skill, but a lack of will. Of course, leaving everything to the last moment can be a disastrous way to operate, so I have to curb my natural tendencies as much as I can.

The best way I have found to tackle procrastination is to lie to myself. I first came across the technique in the writing of Mark Forster and it capitalises on the comparative ease with which we can fool our unconscious minds.

You need to say to yourself that you are not going to actually do the job you're putting off, but rather that you are just going to prepare to do it, or start it by taking some very trivial action, and then stopping.

Here are some examples:
  • I'm not going to call the customer, but I will look up the number and make a note of it. 
  • I'm not going to write that blog post, but I'll just brainstorm to identify the main content and ideas. 
  • I’m not going to go shopping, but I will start writing a lis.
  • I'm not going to clear the spare room, but I will find some bin bags and boxes that will help me.  
The idea is all about creating momentum. I often find that once I've finished the minor task, I just carry on into the major one. Even if I don't, I have genuinely accomplished something and made the job just a little bit smaller anyway.

Thank you so much, Ray. I think this is very helpful! I am planning on doing more posts on this subject and I like your approach!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Great inspiration with Goddess Leonie's Creative Goddess E-Course!

If you are female you must have heard about Leonie Dawson! Not only did she create the phantastic 2012 Workbook and Calendar that has been so popular amongst Filofax bloggers (If you haven't already, you should read LimeTreeFruit's setup of her 2012-Leonie-Workbook right now!), but she also offers lots of awesome e-courses that are just sooo refreshing and inspiring and happyness-inducing (is that really a word? Well, it is NOW!)!
When LimeTreeFruits tweeted about the Creative Goddess E-Course, I was intrigued, followed her link and - just like the impulsive woman I am - became a member of the GoddessCircle. I could have bought the Creative Goddess E-Course separately, but I figured I'd rather have it all!

That's how I started the Creative Goddess E-Course, together with a group of other woman from around the world. Now, it's a 6-week-course, and I'm only well into week 3, but I.LOVE.IT.SOOO.MUCH! (yep, I yelled...)
It is so liberating to create and paint not on the basis of various techniques (like I have been tought), but simply through your intuition. Each creative assignment is accompanied by Video's and Meditations. Especially the meditations are soooo powerful and deep and wonderful! (plus, I'm a sucker for a good Australian accent, hehe)
I've learned so much in these past 2+ weeks, and life just has become more fun and more filled with joy.
Totally admit it: I'm a hippie at heart! Ha ha!

So if you feel you would love more creativity and wholeness in your life, you should totally check it out!

And stay tuned for the presentation of my "Goddess Filofax" in due time ...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All Stars Guest Post by Femke: Mr. Bag

I'm all new to this whole All Stars thing that was such great fun last year. I wasn't involved then, because I didn't blog yet last year ;-) This year I'll try to make up for my losses!

I'm very happy that sweet Femke from Deligted has agreed to write a post on her handbag addiction love. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did!


Judith was so kind to let me ramble about the perfect bag on her blog and after careful consideration, I have decided on these tips and tricks to find the perfect handbag.

First of all, ladies, keep in mind that the perfect handbag does not exist. If you’re a bag addict like myself, you will keep looking for the perfect bag, and while every bag has its pros and cons, you will always find a fault with it.

Second of all, after careful research for many years, I think I may have determined a questionnaire to decide if the bag you’re lusting after is Mr. Bag now.

  • Is it a colour that matches 90% of your outfits? If yes, then buy it. If not, buy it anyway.
  • Can you carry everything with you? If yes, buy it. If not, leave it at the store (yes shocking, I know). There is no use carrying a bag with half your daily essentials and having to carry another bag to carry the other half. While I support having multiple bags, this is just ridiculous.
  • Does it match your current filofax? If yes, buy it. If not, does it match any of your spare filofaxes? If yes, buy it. If not, find a filofax to match this bag so you can still buy this bag.
  • How much is it? If you can afford it right now, buy it. If you can’t really afford it but you can do the angel eyes look (OHMYGODINEEDTHISBAGWILLYOUBUYITFORME?) to your dear husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/parents/others, let them buy it for you. If that doesn’t work, pull out your credit card and cut it in half. You are not going in debt because of a bag.
  • What purpose does this bag have? Will it be a night bag, school bag, work bag or diaper bag? Determining the purpose of the bag will be useless because if it’s Mr Bag now you will use it anyway until you’re bored with it.
  •  If the bag is expensive, determine if you are willing to spend X amount of money on the bag (will it be perfect? If in doubt – don’t buy it because it is a lot of money). If you are, see if you can afford it, and if you can justify spending the money (if you cannot justify it, you must not buy it. Because I don’t want you to starve or go in debt because of a bag, because to be honest, it is just a bag. I try to tell myself that on a regular basis).  

I do have to warn you, once you start with a bag collection, you cannot stop. And then you will end up like me, with a huge bag collection. I don’t even have room for more. And so, I’m selling a lot of my handbags. Not only because I don’t have enough room for them, but also because I have been lusting after this amazeballs bag and I need it before it sells out. And because it’s a Marc Jacobs bag. I’ve sold only a couple and I am sobbing each time I’m sending out one bag. But, I cannot justify that much money right now, so selling my bags will mean I can save up for this fabulous bag.

Other bags that are on my wishlist (maybe I should call it the “dream on list”) are:
  • The Hermes Birkin
  • The Mulberry Alexa
  • Any Marc Jacobs bag
  • Even though I’m not a real fan of Louis Vuitton, I would LOVE to have one bag for my collection.

And then I would store all my bags like in a museum and surround myself with them on days I feel sad.

I really need to stop now, because I am getting desperate. Hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! And thank you Judith for hosting me!  

Thank you very much, Femke!!!!

Video with Travel Filofax update

In case you missed it (which would mean that the Philofaxy Webfinds are NOT part of your Saturday ritual - shame on you!), I've posted a video in my channel with an update of how I used my Travel Filofax, and my superbig Travel Journal (aka Flow Magazine vacation book).

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Birthday Planner pages

When you read this blog, I will be on my vacation. Yay, first stime "scheduled" post!
Anyway, I would like to show you some pretty awesome pages for planning birthday parties, especially - but not exclusively - for kids.
Used it for my daughters birthday party

Years ago, I bought a hardcover binder from Organised Mum that included several preprinted sections.

One of those sections was the Birthday Planner.
Since the page size of the inserts were exactly A5, and only the hole spacing was off (in fact, the hole spacing was identical to a Personal Filofax, which is kind of odd), I copied the pages and gave them their proper A5 holes.
Each Birthday Party gets 4 pages for planning:

Page 1 is titled "Initial Ideas" and is ideal for the first rough draft.

Page 2 is titled Invitations. Here I also note later on what gifts the guest had brought. Ideal for the thank you notes!
Page 3 is for all Things to do.

On Page 4 you can note all Shopping related to the party.

I love these pages! In fact, since they are no longer available from Organised Mum, I scanned them to print them out as needed. I usually put them in my Filofax about 2 months prior to any birthday, so that I have a place to note those initial ideas, or wishes of the birthday kids.

So, how do you plan your kid's (or your own) birthday? Do you use your filofax for this purpose?

(Please keep in mind that I won't be able to respond to your comments before beginning of August!)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Setup of my Travel-Filofax

Finally, here's my post about my travel Filofax. I have already vlogged on my sweet purple Compact Pennybridge, but felt that the 10 minutes my iPhone usually grants me, were far too restricted for everything I had to tell.
Plus, I like to show the Penny off a bit more ;-)

I started using a Filofax as my Travel companion three years ago. Back then it was the Lavender Domino that stored all brochures and dates and travel bits. This Domino has meanwhile been adopted by my 9 year old daughter who loves and uses it to the full extent!

Alongside the Domino I also carried my Pocket Filofax wallet, which meant that my bag was rather full on any given day (it's impossible to leave your travel-filo at home, it would completely defy its sole purpose!).

So last year I had the grand idea to combine the two. My eye fell on the Urban slate, because it has a zip pocket on the outside, where I could put my coins. Here's a picture of the Urban in action (you can see some brochures peeking out the top and bottom).

While the Urban did his job, he totally didn't rock my boat. It's soooo plain and dullish and the canvas is just not so nice to the touch (totally my personal opinion!).

So when I read about the release of the Compact Pennybridge in purple at the beginning of the year, I knew that this would be my next travel friend! Thanks to the ever friendly people at City Organiser, I didn't need to wait long for its arrival, once I placed my order.
Here's the Penny on top of my Domino:

I still find it hard to believe that the Pennybridge is made from fake leather, it feels and looks so natural! Being a zipper means that it's also slightly longer than a personal sized Filofax. Which is perfect for my needs!
You see, I love to collect those little brochures when I'm on vacation. Sometimes they serve as a memoir of places we went to, but mostly they are needed for information and to make plans accordingly.

Much too my delight, the Pennybridge can hold several (!!!) of these brochures (which are in fact nothing more than an A4 size sheet of paper folded in three), while the zip still closes snuggly!

See? Closed! Love the cute leather hanger on the zipper!

Another wonderful feature of the compact Pennybridge is this pocket on the outside: ideal to store tickets or receipts. It's a rather tight fit, which ensures that nothing will fall out!

And in this pocket I carry a quadrille notepad, just in case...!

If you want to know what sections and inserts I use in my travel Filofax, you'll have to watch my little vlog!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the web ...

You may think I've gotten a bit lazy again, but none is less true!
Angela from Paperlovestory kindly published a weekly spread of my A5 Filofax for her "Your Filofax Week" series. You can read it here:

And last Monday you've probably already seen my Guest Post for Laurie on Plannerisms on the Family Weekly Planner and Family Life Book by Organised Mum. Fantastic products, especially for (large) families!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Planner overkill (sometimes too much is simply too much!)

You will rarely hear my say that I suffer a planner failure. I do switch sizes once or twice a year, but I wouldn't consider that a planner failure. But I'm not switching sizes (still happy as a kid with my A5 Malden). However, I did encounter another problem, also known as the beast of perfectionism.
In short, I wanted it all and I wanted it now. I have been adding features to my system, until one day I opened up my 2PPD spread and gasped in horror:

To give you an impression of my nightmare, take a look a below picture:

First, let me explain how my 2PPD setup works:
Right page:
Left column: time slots for appointments and time-allocated todo's.
Right columns: priority todo's on top, other todo's underneath, contact todo's personal/family, delegation reminder (stuff I need to remind my DH).

Left page:
List of contacts with number and short reminder to be called (work).

Then the add-on-game started. First thing I added is the pink Daytimer hotlist. Reason: my current WO2P (column layout) doesn't offer any space to record weekly todo's. I started adding this hotlist to my weekly spread, only to find out that I kinda forgot about the whole thing the very minute I switched pages to my daily view. Go figure ...!
On one page of the hotlist I have my work todo's (aqua blue), on the back I have household (lime), family (pink) and personal (purple) todo's. Means I have to turn around the page. Also means that anything written behind that list is invisible, thus not existing ...

Then I figured it was stupid and cumbersome to have to rewrite my weekly recurrent todo's on my daily pages (like: water plants (Mondays), remind DD of homework or music practice (daily)). I remembered I had these little cards left from my Time/System days, so I got them out and used them for my day-specific weekly recurrent todo's (anybody still follow me? You do? Wait, I can fix that ...).
I still think the principle of this idea is fantastic! However, the annoying thing about these cards is that they (again) are blocking either my morning or my evening schedule (depending on whether I stick them to the top or buttom three rings). Not good!

Grand idea no. 3: I should be more consistent with my morning and evening household routines. I hadn't written them down before, but found I didn't do them very religiously. Which means I have to have them visible in my planner. I took a clear flyleaf (with a tiny little tab on the side) and put a Post-it with said morning and evening routines on it. Idea: tick boxes with Frixion pen, at the end of the day erase them and switch complete flyleaf to next day.
The problem is quite obvious: Total blockage of my calling list that's behind the plastic sheet, and - ultimately - much more important than clean laundry (yeah, don't tell anybody ...). What's more: I DO now these routines by heart, and I really don't need a writting reminder in my face. The thing is: when I'm in the mood, I'll do them, when I'm not I won't. No matter if it's written out and staring me in the face.

Conclusion: out with all the extra's and back to my bare pages. Sometimes I just want to have too much and get lost in the chaos I tend to create, while I meant to avoid chaos in the first place.

I'm still not sure how to handle the recurrent weeklies that are now on those mini-cards. Any idea's?