Thursday, 6 November 2014

Leonie Dawson's Workbooks for 2015 have been released!!!!

Every year around this time, Leonie Dawson releases her workbooks for the following year. And every year I'm excited like a little child at Christmas!

I've already printed the entire workbook and punched it with my ARC-punch to fit into my Erin Condren Notebook. But before ARC, I simply printed the pages on A5-pages and punched them for my A5-Filofax.

It's not a planner, but it's perfect to be used alongside your planner. You'll think about what you want for your life, what goals you want to achieve during the next year or about the changes you feel are due in your life. This time, Leonie Dawson added a large (printable) year calendar, so you'll never forget where you are.

Personally, I divided my goals into little steps, which I implemented in my daily planner. That way, I'm able to stay focussed throughout the year, and never take my eyes from my goals.

Did you know?
If you find the printing of the ebooks too much hassle, you have two alternatives:

  1. Use the ebook digitally, on your computer, laptop or tablet. The PDFs are interactive and you can write in them digitally.
  2. Buy the new spiralbound version (will be released later this month). 
All the options - and more background info - can be found at this link!

Have fun!

Friday, 20 December 2013

And the winner is ......

Gosh, I was quite overwhelmed with all the replies to the Giveaway of LimeTreeFruits Planner Pages. I enjoyed reading all your plans and goals for next year very much, and it also inspired me to add some to my own list. So, thank you all so much for participating!

I've meanwhile let Rafflecopter pick a winner and forwarded the email-address and name to Raine from Limetreefruits:

Congratulations, Erica M. Griffin!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

LimeTreeFruits - big 2014 Planner Giveaway!!!

I'm so excited that the wonderful and creative Raine from Limetreefruits has asked me to be one of the stops of her big big big 2014 Planner Pre-Order Blog Hop!!!

It's not secret that I love her stuff! I'm still using her gratitude notes every day. The colorfulness of them makes me grateful as it is ... LOL
And of course I can't wait until her next series of the Tiny Creative Chefs is launched ....

But let's not get side tracked here!

Of course the monthly planner pages for 2014 are already available on her blog, you can get them here for FREE.

This giveaway however is for the new series of planners for 2014! Think color, think new designs, think lots of variation, think time management with a spicy sauce of creativity!
And Weekly and Daily planner pages in various layouts and formats. How about that?

Here are some pictures to give you an impression of this awesomeness!

 Here are the monthlies (you can choose different layouts!):

Weekly pages!!!

And the daily pages (both day per page and 2 pages per day!!!)


 Aren’t they wonderful? Don't they just make you happy???

If you want the full description of what you'll be getting, head over to LimeTreeFruits Planners 2014.
The planner package is already available for PRE-ORDER!

But who knows? You might just win this Giveaway?!

This is what you need to do:

This giveaway is for one copy of the LimeTreeFruits Planners & Calendars 2014.
It starts today Dec. 11th and ends on Dec. 19th at midnight (GMT). The winner will be announced on 20th December.

And to enter? Very simple:
  • Like the LimeTreefuits Facebook Page
  • Leave a comment below tell me what the biggest goal is you have for 2014!

And that’s it!

Record your entries in the Rafflecopper box below to make sure you are in the running!

{***pssstt—Facebook non-users: don’t be discouraged! Enter your comment and record your entry regardless. It will still count ;) }

P.S. If you want more chances to win ... hop over to to see all the other blogs that are also giving away a 2014 planner package!!

Friday, 29 November 2013

The new 2014 workbooks and planners are here!!

After much anticipation they are finally here: The new 2014 create your amazing year from Leonie Dawson! Just like last year she has a biz and life edition. 
The layout and contents have been redesigned somewhat this time.
Absolutely love it and it will be the 3rd time of me using them.
I think they are a great tool to keep you focused and on track with the goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year. 
This past year I have been very consistent with my monthly review and it absolutely showed!

Get your copy here!

By the way of thank you you will receive my free e-book "30 questions you need to ask yourself". This ebook will guide you through the next 30 days by asking you a question per day. by answering these questions, you will gain valuable insights in your life and it will help you to determine your goals for 2014. 

Have a wonderful weekend,
And next year!

Friday, 22 November 2013

And the winner is ......

First of all, thank you all so much for entering this contest. It has been the first Giveaway I hosted, and I had a lot of fun. There might be more in the future .... ;-)

Of course, now you all want to find out who won the infamous red 27 Dresses Filofax (as this model will henceforth be called).

So hop over to YouTube (as in: "click the link below") and witness the live picking of the winner!!!!

Thank you all!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Doodle as recipe book for Tiny Creative Chefs

As you have all probably heard by now, the ever amazing and creative Raine from Lime Tree Fuits (I think we all use at least some of her awsome inserts!), created a beautifully illustrated children’s cooking e-course with the cute name

Tiny Creative Chefs

I fell instantly in love when I saw the first announcement and enrolled!
How can you not love those cute faces?!!!
Each weekend during 4 weeks you receive a new recipe that your kids can cook. And since every step of the way is illustrated, it’s not even necessary that your kids can read yet! (of course, you should offer your assistance when it comes to chopping ingredients and the like).

It’s such a fun time, together with your kids. Of course you can cook or make every recipe in the world together with your children. What makes Tiny Creative Chefs so special is that your child will feel totally in charge!

I tried out the first recipe with my 9 year old daughter. She has Asperger syndrome, so the outside world is not always that easy for her. But she „grows“ if she gets to do stuff on her own, if I let her be responsible for something. And so I gave her the printout of the first week’s recipe (I had printed it on A4 pages and ARC’d them), and asked her if she’d like to do it.
A4 sheets in ARC rings

Now, even though she doesn’t read or speak English, the illustrations are literally self-explanatory. (Okay, she did hesitate about „parsley“ and I interfered when she commented that it was probably some flowers and wanted to go outside to pick some LOL.)
Ingredients gathered and ready to go!
She had the greatest fun preparing the recipe (which she served as „starters“ for that night’s dinner), and it was so tasty!
The e-course also comes with extra goodies for each week, like menu and „made by“ cards.
One very proud girl!
And little flags to decorate the food. In fact, it includes a complete „party package“ and even includes cute little drinking bottle decorations!
We actually used the little flags on some cupcakes that we brought to a party at friends. Huuuuge success!
Fun indeed!
When I received the 2nd week’s recipes, my kids complained that the A4 ARC „binder“ was too big and cumbersome for the kitchen. My oldest daughter suggested to print it out for a Filofax. My collection is greatly reduced, and I would have preferred an A5 size, but the kids unanimously agreed that it would be great in the Filofax Doodle (which I had won in Imy’s contest).
So I printed out the pages on personal sized paper, and sorted it after the numbered tabs.
Week 1 behind Tab 1 ...
... and week 2 behind Tab 2 (I'm soooo clever!)
The binder itself is made of a sort of plastic and is less prone to damages  and scratches than – say – a Domino. In fact, the cover even wipes clean with a damp cloth!
Now my children can browse through the pages during cooking. And there’s always room for a personal sized binder on the counter!
 If you also want to join the Tiny Creative Chefs (it starts any time you want): click here!


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fantastic "27 Dresses/Filofax" Give-Away!!

Apparently, there are still a few peeps out there who never watched the movie "27 dresses"! Those of us how have watched it, were mesmerized by that fat, well-loved red Filofax that Katherine Heigl kept consulting. Remember how it looked like?

Take a peek inside:
Oh look! She even carries a white Filofax pen!

Of course everybody (okay, perhaps not EVERYbody) started guessing what Filofax model it was? I managed to capture a picture, that unfortunately appeared a bit orangy/browny on screen (and - yes - since you ask: orangy and browny are proper colors!). It's a red personal sized Topaz!

Apparently too stuffed to be closed ...

Okay, we knew it was a personal Topaz. And we wanted one. Well, at least I wanted one after I finished the movie, but it turned out that the little buggers were loooooong discontinued.


I managed to snap one up from eBay! Not new, but in a lovely condition! Look at that wonderful vibrant red color!!!

On the left you will find 5 credit card slots and a secretarial pocket behind it.
Fire red? Lipstick red?

On the right side there is a huge gusseted zip pocket. And did I mention TWO penloops????

Gusseted zip pocket

Close-up of the label!

Love how pretty the penloop attachment on the backside looks!

Because it's so pretty and rare and because I loved the movie so much, I decided to organise a give-away of the complete package.

You can win the Personal Topaz AND the movie DVD!!!!

What do you need to do to make a chance to win this fun set?
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  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  • Subscribe to my newsletter on GrowBlossomFlow (you'll also get my free Time Management e-book if  you do)
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This Give-Away closes on 20th November and the winner will be chosen randomly (of course the give-away will be open worldwide!).